Greek Chapter to "Getting the Deal Through - Mergers and Acquisitions 2006" published by Law Business Research

1. Form

How may businesses combine?

Business combinations in Greece may take the following forms:



Greek Chapter to Euromoney's "Privatisation & Public Private Partnership" (Review 2002/2003)

Despite the fact that Greece’s GDP growth is currently the highest in Europe, the country has witnessed a downturn in the economic and political climate over the past two years, partly due to the bursting of the Athens Stock Exchange bubble. No single company was privatised in its entirety.


Greek Chapter to Euromoney's "International Privatisation" (Review 2001/2002)

From its initiation in the 1990s, Greece’s privatisation programme has raised approximately USD10bn. Following the successful convergence of the economy and the satisfaction of the Maastricht Treaty criteria, Greece became the 12th member of the euro area in the beginning of 2001. Major infrastructure projects have been completed.


Greek Chapter to Euromoney's "International Privatisation" (Review 2000/2001)

Privatisation in Greece started in the early 1990s and the title of relevant law (2000/91) “on denationalisation, simplification of liquidation procedures, strengthening the rules of competition and other matters” demonstrates how hesitant politicians were at the time even to use the word privatisations.


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